Remember that we are the guests of Don and Kathy Swalwell

They are kind people who are happy that we are using their facilities. They and their staff work hard to make sure that the facilities are safe and clean for both riders and horses. As guests in their home, it’s our responsibility to:

Respect the facilities. Strive to leave things better than the way you found them. If you make a mess, clean it up. If something breaks, let us know. If you open a door or a gate, be sure to close it before you leave.

Lights and heat are what allow us to keep riding during the winter. They also cost money to run. Use them, but remember to turn off the lights when you are done, and keep the observation room door shut.

Be kind and respectful to your fellow barn mates. The barn should be a fun place where horse people can relax and enjoy their time. Riding horses is tough, and it is our job as fellow equestrians to support each other.

Stay off the grass as much as possible, especially when the ground is wet. The driveway is in a low spot, and the ground becomes soft very easily. Car tires tend to create tire ruts that make it difficult to mow the grass.

Please park to the left of the horse trailer in front of the indoor arena. This allows plenty of space for horses and humans to walk in and out of the barn aisle, and for traffic coming to and from Kathy and Don’s house to pass through.

If the dogs are in their stall, please leave them alone, even if they are whining. They are guard dogs by nature, and despite your best intentions, they are likely to mistake your affection for threatening their space.

Please ask permission before feeding any animals.