The answer is both! No matter what discipline you specialize in, the basics of horseback riding are all the same. Every rider should be balanced, well-positioned, and be able to read their horse’s body language. They should be comfortable and confident while handling a horse on the ground as well as in the saddle.

If a rider is a true beginner, we will start off riding in an english saddle. English saddles allow the rider to have closer contact with the horse and develop a stronger sense of how the horse moves beneath them. The rider also won’t be tempted to hold on to the western saddle horn. Every rider must learn to use their body to balance, rather than rely on the saddle horn to feel secure.

Once a rider become confident and comfortable walking, posting and sitting the trot, and cantering in the english saddle, they can move on to western saddles or learn to ride bareback.

Your instructor, Kara Grupe, has extensive experience in both english and western riding. Learn more about Kara.

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